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Player Section - Diary

So these are the foolhardy adventurers who have dared to enter the Nexus and who lust for the secret at its core.

Belzaran Zelkarn

This enigmatic wizard constantly hides his face in the shadow of his robe's hood. He carries a staff and a toothed sword. His loyal retainer Konrad is a powerful fighter with the unlikely hobby of knitting.

Zelkarn's ideal is the quest for knowledge. He is egoistical, loves to criticise others, and prefers careful planning over rushed actions. Click here for more info

Jhin Wei

This oriental scout has both spirit blood and the favour of the gods. She uses her magical cape to hide in the shadows and to strike at the unsuspecting enemies.


Master of fire and bearer of the red turban.


An ugly dwarf with a love for music.

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