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Map Section

I love to use maps and miniatures for combat in RPGs. Therefore, I made these maps to use with my players. Note that they are in 15mm scale, however, both to save ink and to have more space on the table. If you plan to use them for 25mm minis, you will probably have to enlarge them (some printer drivers offer an option for 'poster print'). These maps have a medieval, sometimes over-the-top fantasy feel to them. Additionally, at the Oriental Hardpoint there are tons of maps with an oriental theme.


Dwarven Sewerjpg
Dwarven Forgejpg
Dwarven Throne Roomjpg
Dwarfholdgif (DM only)
Beholder Lairjpg
The gates of Scythiajpg (lv 1),jpg (lv 2)


The Ambush Sitejpg
The Camp Sitejpg
House in Ruinsjpg
The Standing Stonejpg

City Settings

City of Vivine - City Centrejpg
Scholar's Townhousejpg
Hive - Streetjpg
Hive - Pleasure Avenuejpg gif (DM only)
Paladin Basegif
Sickler's Shopgif
Seedy Dive Streetjpg
Private Chambersjpg


Fortress of IronheartLevel 1 (jpg),Level 2 (jpg),Level 3 (jpg)
The Flesh Fortress (If you have ever played 'Space Hulk' you will love this!) jpg


The Faerie Ring (Dark Fey Pirate Clipper)jpg
The Plague Ship (Cultist Galleon)jpg

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