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Information for Players
Material for the DM
Maps And Other Graphical Material
Other Stuff

Player Section

This section contains the various materials I made for my players. Some of it is rules related, other parts describe the campaign world as the players get to know it. There is also a some info on the characters.

New Arcane Spells

The Joy of Necromancy pdf
The Joy of Conjuration pdf
The Joy of Divination pdf

New Cleric Material

The Church of Amorax pdf
The Church of Jann'ih pdf
The Church of the six-armed god pdf

New Fighter Material

Mass Combat System - really different from the others currently floating around, its focus is on the PCs battling enemy champions, while their armies fight abstractly in the background. Suggestions welcome! pdf


The Player's Handbook for my Campaign pdf, cover (jpg)
Liber Nexus (read after adventure 1) pdf
Liber Nexus (read after adventure 2) pdf
Liber Nexus (only for players who did research after adventure 2) pdf
Requinas' Book of Precious Antiques pdf
Grugan the Allseeing (read after adventure 2) pdf
Mindelfist's Liber Nexus (read after adventure 3) pdf

Story Elements

Adventure Diary pdf
Potential Allies pdf
A woodcut found in Zelkarnia (this makes only sense to my PCs) gif

NPC Pictures

A Picture of Jean le Bleu and Jaques de Flamme jpg
A Picture of Satchgrimm and Clovish jpg
A Picture of two unknown necromancers jpg
Several Priests of Amorax gif
Sir Alamir, Prince Lendir's Paladin gif
Bur'Bho the Devil gif
The Grand Sensualist Malcompte jpg
Lytha, the Archmage gif

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