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This section contains adventures, gazetteers, and other DMs only information.

Men & Monsters

Book of NPCsThis netbook contains NPCs sorted by Nexus world. They are pretty generic in nature, however, so they will be useful for any campaign with minor story adjustments.pdf
Items of MagicThis netbook contains a few magic items which were built with the rules for intelligent items found in the BoEM III. These items are cool because they can gain levels and are therefore useful to a PC for the whole of his career.pdf
Book of Beholders The beholders are known as a race of evil creatures that are a staple of D&D adventuring. This book describes several monsters, spells, and feats that fall into the same "eye" theme as the beholder.pdf


Nexus 1: Necropolis - Banack Dum Hidden in the depth of the mountain of fate, lies the ancient dwarfhold of Banack Dum. Rumours claim it holds an artifact of ancient evil, others speak of treasures beyond imagination. Will the player's face the perils of this sinkhole of evil, or will they flee in terror from the undead abominations that once were dwarves? pdf
Nexus 2: Quest for the Staff of Power OK, the staff of power does not actually appear in this adventure but, see, there is this sage Aguste Pableu, and he kinda knows where the staff is and so this is the prequel to the one were the staff is actually found, or so... pdf
Nexus 3: The Battle for Amorina Caught between the armies of light and dark, the PCs must find a way to recover the artefact they have come for before they become involved in an epic battle, likely to tear the very Nexus assunder. pdf


Pool of Genasi This gazetteer contains additional merchants to use with the pool of genasi, plus the magical items they offer for sale. pdf
Necropolis: Banack Dum This gazeteer describes the underground realm of Banack Dum in the dead world of Necropolis. pdf
Vivine: Sargusa The dreadful Sargusa is a place of aquatic horrors and stranded ships, where desperate men and women show their true face in the face of oblivion. pdf
World Book 1 - Vivine The first worldbook describes the lush arboreal nightmare called Vivine, where renaissance men fight the dark fey of the living forest. pdf
World Book 2 - Amorina This parallel world resembles Vivine in many ways but is ruled by the harsh hand of the followers of Amorax. Includes many stats for priests, wizards etc. pdf
Ironheart This location in the world of Inshabiv is very briefly described in the BOEM III. This is my interpretation of the location. pdf
The Flesh Fortress What evil fiends live in a fortress made of living flesh? Find out in this netbook. pdf

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